Rescue them all ! Noah in Space Disorder
Space Disorder
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Mi-Clos Studio and Bulkypix present
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©2011-2012 Mi-Clos Studio
Tetrobot character used with permission. Courtesy of Swing Swing Submarine
A randomly generated space adventure

Ever since humankind began exploring the galaxy, it has encountered friendly extraterrestrial species of all kinds. What it didn't expect was that the most hostile creatures in outer space would be robots; robots who enjoy conducting cruel experiments on human beings and cute, armless aliens. And that's where YOU come in!

Retina cartoonish sci-fi graphics
Smooth one-touch controls
Randomly-generated levels
Invert gravity and fly with your jetpack
Collect coins and buy powerful items (grenade, shield, clones ...)
More than 30 aliens races to rescue and collect
Complete objectives for your happy aliens
4 playable characters
New characters, aliens and planets to come
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